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White papers

Do you have a minute?

Take a short break and look at what you are doing, if only for a couple of minutes. If you feel good about where you are, compliment yourself. If there is still a way to go, here are some thought starters in the form of white papers.
These are free of course!


  • The Need for Speed 2Lead

    Five quick ways to pick up speed for successful lead conversion.

  • The Lead Management Shopping List

    This Shopping List consisting of five building blocks makes Lead Management look easy:

    1. Interfaces – Where do your leads come from?
    2. Data Quality – How to get and why to use good quality data
    3. Process Control – Take the lead
    4. Marketing Metrics – Small detail, huge impact
    5. Change Management – Keep your Sales team motivated

  • CRM in a Multinational Environment

    Seven fundamental challenges lie at the root of the difficult start of multinational CRM.

  • Marketing Automation - 3D Customer Approach

    Marketing Automation based on Data, Direction & Demand.