About MMIT

MMIT was founded in 1999 as a company with customer data analysis as its main focus. Within months however we discovered there were no, or -let’s be nice- hardly any, central customer databases in place. Hence the company shifted its focus to the implementation and maintenance of these databases. Over the past few years lead management and enabling lead management have become our primary business  and we help our customers capture, polish and distribute leads from around the world in a matter of minutes. We still love data and analysis though, for some it might sound strange, but we just have great fun working with data.

Our motto always has been and still is “getting things done”, we use pragmatic project management and are quick on our feet. MMIT has always positioned itself as an agile, multinational company situated between marketing and IT. The majority of our employees are marketing specialists and IT professionals with an extreme focus on your success: on data, on process, on quality. We do not like meetings and do our best to minimize their frequency, their duration and the number of participants.

Today, many of MMIT’s 150 employees are working on automotive accounts, but the insurance world, financials and retail play an increasingly important role as well. You will find our offices in Boston, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam. Our technical hub is situated in The Netherlands; our account and project managers are present in the US, Europe, Middle East, Asia and South America. We do our utmost to recruit the best employees all over the planet. We have 32 nationalities amongst our growing number of employees. They bring together over 1000 years of experience in Lead management, MDM, Customer Data Integration and CRM.

Our office locations:

MMIT Boston
Independence Wharf, office 4032 | 470 Atlantic Ave | Boston, MA 02210, USA | +1 617 261 9950

MMIT Amsterdam
Transformatorweg 62-66 | 1014 AK Amsterdam | The Netherlands | +31 20 638 11 55

MMIT Sao Paulo
Av. Paulista, 2300 – Piso Pilotis | Cerquera Cesar – Sao Paolo-SP | 01310-300 Brazil | +55 11 2847 4657

About our logo: if you were to take a magnifying glass and inspect all the elements which make up the MMIT logo, you may be surprised to find nearly 50 icons, all of which we could talk to you about for hours. Our entire history, present and future is encapsulated in this logo and every MMIT employee is proud of it. So, have a look. Any questions? We’d be more than happy to elaborate.

Download MMIT logo.

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