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What we do

We help our customers get the maximum value possible out of their data. We integrate data from in-house applications, we also combine and enrich data and provide data quality services to create a clear view of your customers and prospects. Knowing where your data resides in your application landscape, how data from different sources is connected and ensuring the highest degree of accuracy are instrumental in compliance with regulations such as GDPR. Seamless localization with an understanding of regional differences in language, consumer behavior and expectations provide the best possible fuel for any of your data driven initiatives.

Data Integration

Your application landscape is filled with disparate data sources. Integrating all these data into a single repository can cause real headaches.

We have a wealth of experience in integrating data from a multitude of sources. You can use this experience to accelerate your initiatives in area’s such as single customer view, CRM and CRX and business process optimization.

Data Quality

With ever stricter data protection regulations in many parts of the world and organizations becoming more and more reliant on data for their daily operations, data quality is more important than ever.

Our specialists know how to ensure your data meets requirements. Not only from the “fit for marketing” use, but also from the regulatory perspective.

Business Intelligence

If data is the new gold, then our data scientists are the new gold miners who unearth and refine nuggets of actionable intelligence.

We have served our customers with reporting and sharp on-point analysis since the very first days of our founding. Our experts are focused on helping you to make better decisions, provide you with more insights and seeing the real picture.

Data Enhancement

We can append gender, fix errors and omissions in address elements (postal code, town names, etc), remove fake details (time wasters etc) and identify businesses. Much of which we do automatically, but it is all backed up by real people performing manual review.

We have the largest set of global and language-specific rude/offensive words and hold-mail indicators in the world. We also have a multi-language company token library (Ltd., GmbH, B.V. etc) built up over 20 years, which is far larger than many other providers.

Data Hygiene

Cleansing of address, personal or company name, product and product-hierarchy alongside email and phone number validation, all are essential for matching. By removing incorrect contact details you also limit irritation to your sales force.

We know every address system in the world but if we have any doubts we have access to the postal reference lists. We can deal with data from different countries with mixed languages and scripts (e.g. Roman, Thai, Cyrillic, Arabic, Korean, Japanese, Chinese)

Matching and De-duplication

Such as; identifying likely duplicate entities, (be they persons, companies or addresses), merging duplicate records as required and identifying relations belonging to the same household.

Your data has lots of duplicates. You may not know it, but after your data has passed through our data hygiene stream, you’ll see them. Matched data allows you to really have a 360 degree view on the customer. Having matched your data from different sources, you will be able to comply with GDPR so much easier.

Customer data isn’t static

Having managed data from tens of millions of data subjects from an incredible array of sources, we know that people’s data will change and that it happens faster than is often expected. Having observed averages across geographies and industries we note similar patterns in almost every significant data set.

Privacy preferences

Managing privacy preferences of customers requires great attention to detail. The ability to match data from disparate sources is critical in maintaining privacy compliance.

We have found that 36% of data subjects change their privacy preferences at least once yearly.


In large data sets an average of 26% of the records require one or more changes over the course of a year.

Not applying changes correctly can increase the cost of direct marketing, whilst reducing the effectivity.


We continuously monitor the quality of all sources providing data to any of our customers’ systems. Any issues are flagged and feedback is provided.

Over 85% of sources provide data that, prior to cleansing, do not meet quality standards.

Our customers use a broad range of solutions. 

Our experience of delivering the right data in the right manner is unparalleled. Our signature approach ensures minimal turnaround times for inclusion of new sources and connection with a broad range of industry standard platforms.

Our experience

Over the past 20 years we have successfully served customers from a broad range of industries on all continents. Our experience in dealing with data from over 70 countries in all relevant languages and from 100s of sources simultaneously, are just some of the reasons multinational companies choose to work with us to get the most out of their data.


We have a wealth of experience in helping our customers with their data challenges. The cases we describe below are just a few examples of what we can do. Contact us to see how we can help you to meet your data challenges.

Clear view on available data

For one of our customers in the automotive market we integrate lead data from a large number of sources around the world.

Expedient assessment of sources allowing early identification of potential discrepancies and fast mapping of data from source to destination are part and parcel of our process. Data is routed through our quality, cleansing, enrichment and matching systems and then loaded to our flexible reporting environment. Our solution allows comparative reporting independent of source.

Better data, delivered faster

One of the leaders in the global paint market works with us to integrate data from multiple sources to ensure optimal data quality in a single CRM platform which is used across the entire organization.

We are the preferred partner for CRM data cleansing and enhancement. External sources are used for validation and enrichment. Previous to our engagement the process of integrating and enhancing of data took several days. By using our solutions the run time of the process has been reduced to a few hours.

A common vocabulary for data quality

Many of our customers use our data quality monitor as the main dashboard to discuss data quality within the organization.

In this application the quality of a multitude of dimensions of data is represented. As with most of our reporting applications the data in the dashboard can be viewed in many different ways. This enables people to have a shared understanding of data quality throughout the organization and facilitates constructive discussions on the topic.

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