Modernizing Eurostat's Housing Price Indices with Web Portal Integration

Eurostat aimed to improve its housing price indices real-time data for 27 EU member states.
Countries Analyzed

What was the goal?

Eurostat aimed to enhance the robustness and timeliness of its housing price indices by incorporating real-time data from web portals advertising residential properties for sale across the 27 EU Member States.


Evaluation of Web Portal Data Sources:

The first step involved identifying and assessing web portals that list residential properties for sale, to determine the feasibility of extracting relevant data. MMIT carefully evaluated the potential of these portals to provide timely and accurate information that could complement the existing national administrative data sources.

Methodology Development for Data Extraction:

MMIT then formulated a sophisticated methodology for the systematic extraction of housing price data from these portals. This methodology was designed to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data collected, addressing challenges such as varying data formats and the need for real-time updates.

Data Cleansing and Standardization:

Following extraction, MMIT implemented advanced data processing techniques to cleanse and standardize the housing price data. This step was critical for ensuring the compatibility of web portal data with Eurostat’s existing housing price indices system and for maintaining the integrity of the overall dataset.

Integration into the Housing Price Indices System:

The cleansed and standardized data was seamlessly integrated into Eurostat's system for producing housing price indices. MMIT conducted thorough testing to ensure that the integration did not compromise data integrity or system functionality, paving the way for the production of more frequent and timely indices.


The collaboration between Eurostat and MMIT yielded significant improvements in the housing price indices system:

  1. Enhanced Timeliness and Frequency: The integration of real-time data from web portals significantly reduced the production time for housing price indices, enabling Eurostat to provide more timely insights into the housing market.
  2. Increased Data Robustness: The addition of web portal data enhanced the robustness of the housing price indices, offering a more comprehensive view of the market trends and contributing to more informed policy-making and research.
  3. Improved System Flexibility: The successful integration demonstrated the system's flexibility in incorporating new data sources, setting a precedent for future enhancements and adaptations to meet evolving needs.

Summing up

MMIT's innovative approach to integrating web portal data into Eurostat's housing price indices system exemplifies the potential of modern data solutions to transform traditional statistical production processes. This case study highlights MMIT's expertise in navigating complex data challenges and delivering solutions that enhance the value and utility of economic statistics for a wide range of users.

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