Enhancing Data Integrity for Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) Europe

Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), a renowned automotive company, faced the challenge of maintaining the integrity and accuracy of its European customer and prospect data within the Single View CRM (SVCRM) database.
European Countries

What was the goal?

The primary objectives were to enhance data quality for better customer relationship management, improve email deliverability in the German market, and implement an automated system to track customer interactions through the sales funnel across major global markets.


Comprehensive Monthly Data Cleansing:

To address JLR's need for pristine data, MMIT initiated a meticulous monthly routine aimed at elevating the quality of customer and vehicle information within the SVCRM. The process began with the systematic collection and secure storage of data files, ensuring that all information was accurately accounted for before any cleansing took place. The pre-processing stage set the groundwork for an in-depth cleansing phase, where addresses, emails, phone numbers, company and individual names underwent thorough validation and standardization. Utilizing advanced matching techniques, MMIT was able to identify and consolidate duplicate records, adhering to JLR's market-specific requirements. Each step was complemented by custom tasks to meet the unique demands of different markets, followed by efficient post-processing to seamlessly integrate the refined data back into the SVCRM. The cycle concluded with ongoing monitoring and reporting, providing a continuous feedback loop to optimize the cleansing strategy over time.

Email Deliverability Enhancement for the German Market:

Faced with challenges in email deliverability within the German market, MMIT deployed a comprehensive strategy focused on maximizing the reach and effectiveness of JLR's email communications. The methodology included an exhaustive check of email syntax, mailbox existence, and domain validity to root out fundamental issues. Further scrutiny helped identify Disposable Email Addresses and spam traps that could tarnish JLR's sender reputation. A pivotal aspect of the strategy was the reset of bounce flags for accurately verified email addresses within the SVCRM, ensuring that only deliverable contacts were targeted in future campaigns. This process was supported by detailed reporting to JLR, providing insights and actionable data to refine email marketing strategies.

Sales Funnel Analytics Automation:

Recognizing the importance of understanding customer journeys, MMIT designed an automated analytics system to capture and analyze movements through JLR's sales funnel. This system tracked key metrics, including inquiries, orders, deliveries, and the nature of sales across eight major markets, enabling a comprehensive view of customer engagement and sales performance. Dealer performance metrics such as response times and conversion rates were also analyzed to identify areas for improvement. By highlighting lost sales opportunities, the system offered JLR the tools needed for strategic decision-making and optimization of sales tactics. The automation of sales funnel analytics provided JLR with actionable insights, facilitating data-driven decisions across global, regional, and local levels to boost performance and forecast accuracy.


The collaboration between MMIT and JLR Europe yielded significant improvements:

  1. Enhanced Data Quality: The meticulous monthly data cleansing process resulted in a marked increase in the accuracy and reliability of customer and prospect information within SVCRM, supporting more effective CRM initiatives.
  2. Improved Email Deliverability: The targeted efforts to clean the email database for the German market significantly reduced email bounces and spam traps, thereby improving JLR's sender reputation and email marketing effectiveness.
  3. Data-Driven Sales Strategy: The implementation of the automated sales funnel tracking system provided JLR with critical insights into customer behavior, dealer performance, and sales opportunities, facilitating more informed strategic decisions and enhancing the overall sales process.

Summing up

MMIT's expertise in data quality assurance, email deliverability enhancement, and sales funnel analytics automation has empowered Jaguar Land Rover to refine its customer data management, marketing strategies, and sales operations across Europe. This case exemplifies MMIT's capability to deliver tailored data solutions that drive business growth and operational excellence.

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