Streamlining Data Warehouse Solutions for Sociale Verhuurders Haaglanden (SVH)

Sociale Verhuurders Haaglanden (SVH), a prominent social housing organization, sought to enhance its data management capabilities by partnering with a new data warehouse provider.
Expansion in Data Accessibility

What was the goal?

The objective was to optimize the processing, storage, and utilization of vast amounts of housing data to support SVH's operations and decision-making processes.


MMIT/Explica stepped in to offer a comprehensive data warehousing solution tailored to SVH's needs. The approach involved several meticulously executed steps:

Data Import and Storage:

The initial phase focused on securely importing SVH's extensive datasets into a RAW database. This step was crucial for ensuring that all relevant data was accurately accounted for and ready for further processing.

Implementation of ETL Processes:

With the data securely stored, MMIT/Explica applied advanced Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes to the RAW database. This involved transforming the raw data into a structured format suitable for analytical processing and integration into the Data Warehouse (DWH). The ETL processes were designed to enhance data quality, consistency, and accessibility.

Generation of Data Marts:

From the DWH, specialized data marts were generated. These data marts, or subsets of the DWH, were tailored to meet specific analytical needs, providing SVH and its stakeholders with targeted insights into various aspects of social housing management.

Data Delivery:

The final step involved delivering the processed and structured data back to SVH and, upon request, to other recipients such as SVH members. This ensured that all relevant parties had access to the insights needed to make informed decisions.


The partnership between SVH and MMIT/Explica led to a significant enhancement of SVH's data management capabilities:

  1. Enhanced Data Processing and Management: The advanced ETL processes and the establishment of a robust DWH system streamlined SVH's data management, improving the efficiency and accuracy of data processing.
  2. Improved Access to Insights: The creation of specialized data marts facilitated easier access to critical insights, enabling SVH and its stakeholders to conduct in-depth analyses of social housing trends and performance.
  3. Support for Informed Decision-Making: With more structured and accessible data, SVH gained a stronger foundation for making data-driven decisions, enhancing its ability to address the needs of social housing tenants and manage its housing stock effectively.

Summing up

MMIT/Explica's data warehousing solution provided SVH with a powerful tool for optimizing its data management and analytical capabilities. This case study exemplifies MMIT/Explica's proficiency in delivering comprehensive data solutions that meet the specific needs of organizations in the social housing sector, driving improvements in operational efficiency and decision-making processes.

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